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With over 550 children enrolled on our popular swim programme, Brockworth Swim School is recognised as one of the most successful schools in the county. We offer a diverse set of aquatic activities and use innovative teaching methods to cater for all learning requirements. Our friendly environment allows each child to develop physically and socially at their own pace, through exploration and play.  

Contact telephone number: 01452 864796                            

Learn to swim frame work Stages 1-7 (age 6 and above)

The Swim England Learn to Swim Programme is the leading national teaching syllabus for delivering safe, inclusive and effective swimming lessons for all ages.

The structure of our lessons and progressive content is based on a fun approach to ensure children enjoy swimming. At Brockworth we offer a child lead approach to teaching swimming offering a supportive, productive and effective learning environment.

Learn to swim Stage 8-10 (60mins)

Once your child has developed the core range of skills in stages 1-7 they are ready to learn a more advanced range of skills. With a more in-depth and technical focused approach to the lessons our expert swimming teachers are able to provide your child with the knowledge, ability and tools to perform at a higher standard of swimming. This is a great introduction to swimming competitively.

Rookie lifeguard (1.25 Hrs per class)

This activity combines swimming and lifesaving skills with the addition of first aid training, allowing participants to grow in confidence, learn new skills, enjoy swimming as an activity, whilst promoting safety in and out of the water. It allows the swimmer an alternative path to swimming after they have completed stage 7.

Each session is split with 30 minutes of practical in the water and 30 minutes of theory in the classroom. With a 15 minute break in-between to allow changing time.

We want the sessions to be as realistic as possible so all participants need to wear clothing in the water.

The Academy

The Academy is great for those children who have completed stage 10 but want to keep swimming. It focuses on maintaining and increasing stamina whilst looking into the advance techniques of all 4 strokes. The academy is similar to a swim club but without the competitive side, but still keeping all of the fun.

Little Fish (children aged 3-5)

The Little Fish class is designed to offer your child the perfect start to life in the pool. With a fun lead approach to swimming it’s a great way for your little fish to gain experience, grow in confidence and master the basics of swimming.

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